domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

MTV News' Musical March Madness: Tokio Hotel Vs. Coheed And Cambria

Tokio Hotel won the last round (check it here)
and now they are at the semi-finals !

Regional Champion Tokio Hotel vs. South Regional Champion Coheed and

In the NCAA
basketball tournament, the lowest seed making the Final Four this year
was a number five (both Butler and Michigan State had that number). But
in MTV News' Musical March Madness, the Final Four has a 15 (in Coheed
and Cambria) and a 16 (Tokio Hotel). It's no wonder, as the fans of both
groups have committed themselves to getting each one through the many
rounds of this tournament. But only one can make it to the finals, so
which will compete for the chance to hoist the championship trophy?

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